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ECT, INC ​implements EPA Reference Method 21 inspections on valves,pipe connections, mechanical seals, or related equipment. Fugitive emissions from leaks will be quantified using Toxic Vapor Analyzers and readily available to view on GuideWare.

At Environmental Compliance & Testing Services, INC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Equipped with the most up to date equipment and software, ECT, INC has the capability to provide their customers with same day results. ECT,INC proudly serves and operates in, all Major Shale Plays.
By using an Infrared camera, VOC gas leaks are able to be seen. This allows ECT, INC to quickly pinpoint leaks and verify their repair. Videos of leaks can be viewed on Guideware. The FLIR and Opgal cameras were specifically designed for the oil and gas field industry.
Another great benefit for our clients is the use of our web based data management system GuideWare. GuideWare provides anytime, anywhere access to your inspection reports. GuideWare is specifically designed to keep you in compliance with all of the Federal and State regulations. 
Program Development and Consulting Services
ECT is available to help consult or develop your LDAR program. With many different regulations from the Federal or State level at times it can be overwhelming. We want to help make the process easy for your operation. Our trained and knowledgeable staff will ​take the time to guide you and ensure your company stays in compliance.

Method 22 Observations
ECT is able to provide observation reports for emissions from Flares. Our trained technicians will provide a detailed report of the observation and any fugitive emissions that are being emitted from the source.